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This blog was created by haikupixie on February 24,2015.

I created this blog due to my love of fashion, every since I can remember I've always ALWAYS loved LOVED LOVED fashion! I've been on Woozworld for quite some time, and I've realized that I'm not the only person with a burning passion for fashion, there are several people on Woozworld who loves fashion just as much as I do. So I decided it was time for all of us to pull together and show you our talents all in one place. Some of us have a great eye for fashion and can recognize great fashion when they see it but can't draw worth 2 cents. Others of us are more visual and can draw AMAZINGLY and would love for you to see their designs, and some people, who are most likely our viewers, just like to keep up with the trends which is DEFIANTLY a-okay! I just wanted to give all us fashion lovers a chance to come together, work as a team and show everyone what we're made of! You don't have to be the best artist in the world. Heck! You could just  take pictures of yourself in already created, perfectly matched color-coded amazing outfits that most people won't think of! Fashion is fashion in every kind of way, and that's why I made this blog. I wanted us to be able to share our mutual love that is designing c;

This blog was deemed DMCA.com Protection Status As of  February 24,2015. Meaning do not attempt to call any of the content on our website yours, all of the designs on this blog belongs to the woozens who created it. We don't mind if you use their templates, just please be sure to give them the proper credit.

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