What is up with the labels: Fashion Designer, Fashion Reporter, and Photo Editor?

These labels help us sort out everyone according to their talent, some woozens are really good at spotting great fashion but can't draw fashion that well, others are amazing artists, and photo editing although it doesn't always involve fashion, it's still a form of designing.

Fashion Designers:

Fashion Designers, are Woozens who have the gift to draw beautiful outfits and make gorgeous fashion designs.

Fashion Reporters:

Fashion Reporters, are Woozens, who have the amazing gift of spotting great fashion - they go out into Woozworld and hunt for Woozens with a great sense of style, and gets the scoop behind their latest outfit and color-codes. They also do celebrity interviews to get the updates on their new fashion trends as well!

Photo Editors:

Photo Editors, are the amazing people who have the gift to design photos, they don't necessarily design fashion but they do make our outfits pop when they pose our Woozens and add amazing backgrounds and effects!

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