Wednesday, February 25, 2015



I'm haikupixie, the creator of this team and this blog. This club is just starting out and this blog is also VERY new! LOL So if you see something weird, like one page was somewhere and now it's moved somewhere else, or you see a random picture appear, don't freak out! It's probably just me editing LOL. I will be adding more templates & help videos soon, so hang tight. I'll also be working on a new color-code system that has every known color code that is on woozworld, It's gonna be all pretty like a rainbow c';

ANYWAY! If you're new and want to join, please feel free to, I know things may get a little confusing on what you're supposed to do and all, so if you need ANY help at all just message or pc me on Woozworld - Have Fun and Keep Designing! <3

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