Wednesday, April 1, 2015

News & Updates

Hi there Designers!
It's haikupixie here with a few updates!
I've added a new rating system to all of our posts so you and our viewers can show us just how much they like or dislike our new looks! The rating system is located at the bottom left of each post.

Here's a picture in case you're having trouble finding it :P

Also Another great update is our "Designer Profiles" It helps keep things organized around here! I know by now some of you have favorite Designers already and you just want to skip straight to their latest design in stead of having to scroll through everyone elses just to see who you want! So on the right side of our website we've made life easier by adding Designer Profiles! All you have to do is find your favorite designer's name and it will take you to a page full of their designs and their designs only! c;
 Here's a picture in case you're having trouble finding it :P

These are all the updates I have for now, there will most defiantly be more coming in the future!

Until Then,
Pixie c;

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