Sunday, May 17, 2015

I'm back :D

Tell Me When to Glow: A Neon Rave for Prom 2k15
(Woozworld's Prom Design Contest is now over)
Hey guys, sorry I have not posted lately. I was busy Friday and Saturday. But anyway I will be blogging about Woozworld Prom today! So recently woozworld has decided that they would have a 2015 Neon Prom! They have brung back recent prom items in the woozworld store for a limited time of the event!

They have boost up the prices though!

Notice that 2 items have raised by 50 wooz? 

Next we have Woozworld Bribing Non-VIPS to buy VIP. 
Well thanks for reading!
PS. Woozworld Prom is on May 29th!

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